Lavender Winter Hand Balm
  • Lavender Winter Hand Balm

    A 100% natural hand salve for lifters, outdoorsmen, and cold weather enthusiasts. 

    Soothes cracked, dry hands, softens calluses, and protects your skin from the winter elements.

    This multi-use balm is great for all things winter and beyond. Lavender oil provides a light scent that calms the mind and promotes healing of minor cuts and scrapes.

    Use it as a lip balm and to protect your nose when you are out in the cold. Often, those sensitive spots get dry and red when you're out snowshoeing, skiing, or hiking in extreme temperatures.

    Use it after training to soothe raw, rough hands, and to soften calluses.

    Use it to hold moisture in places like elbows and other rough patches caused by cold weather.

    Toss it in your emergency kit for when you are out in wilderness or your daily carry bag, it's valuable in both.

    Ingredients: jojoba oil, beeswax, organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, kaolin clay, lavender essential oil

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